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Eating Disorders, Compulsive Overeating & Body Dissatisfaction

For those struggling with eating issues or poor body self-esteem, the mind is filled with a nearly constant loop of food and body thoughts, the body is an object of painful scrutiny, and the emotional world feels overwhelming. Even those with milder issues find them distracting and often exhausting. I have specialized training and many years of experience working with body dissatisfaction, overeating, chronic dieting, and eating disorders. Our work together can offer relief from these difficulties through many avenues, offering a space to explore the complicated factors that can contribute to eating disorders at the same time as we explore how to live in and tend to the body better day by day. I am a Health at Every Size, intuitive eating, and mindfulness practitioner.

I also provide consultation, education and support for parents of an eating disordered child or adolescent in treatment elsewhere or for the partner or spouse of an eating disordered person.